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Since 03/09/2013.

This site is designed to keep members up to date with all aspects of the IWG’s Chapter in Dublin, Ireland, as well as let others see what we do.

You can use the menus at  top of the page and on the left panel navigate through the site.

Welcome to the Dublin Woodturners website

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 Jan - Goblet with captive ring(s)

 Feb - A Bowl

 Mar - Table Lamp

 Apr - 250x60x60

 May - Open

 Jun - Laminated/Segmented

 Jul - Fruit

 Aug - Clock

 Sep - A Hollow Format

 Oct - Three-legged Stool

 Nov - AGM

 Dec - Christmas Item

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Jan. Sat. Demo: John Killoran

Jan. Sat. Comp: Goblet+capt. ring(s)

Jan. Wed. Demo: Charles Ryan

“Laughter is the best medicine of all.”

Joe O’Neill gave the December demo, providing us with many chestnuts from his store of jokes and stories, as he made a salt shaker.

The description of the salt shaker is given in the December Newsletter. The January Newsletter contains some of Joe’s one-liners and quips, captured by Pacelli O’Rourke and entitiled “Joe O’Neill Unplugged”.




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Sat : John         Killoran

Wed: Charles             Ryan


Wed: tbc

DWT Entry for the National Chapter Challenge.

The Chapter completed the chess set shown here, for our entry into the Chapter Challenge.  

The board made by John Killoran. David Sweeney, the bishops. Stephen Coffe & Paul Murtagh, the knights. Martin Boyle, the kings and queens. Peter Mulvanney, the pawns. Eamonn Boland, the castles. Joe O'Neill, the box.

Other people contributed wood. These members will decide what will will done with the set. We did not win (Limerick Chapter did), but a splendid effort nonetheless. Thanks to all who contributed.


Sat : Noel             Fay

Wed: Michael             Fay


Wed: tbc


Sat : Paddy             Lynch

Wed: Cecil             Barron


Wed: tbc


Sat : Christy             Glynn

Wed: Seamus             Carter


Wed: tbc

DWT Annual Seminar

Scheduled for May 6th and will feature the top-class Irish woodturner Robert O’Connor.

For additional month’s demonstrators see the Meetings pages.