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Since 03/09/2013.

This site is designed to keep members up to date with all aspects of the Dublin Chapter as well as let others see what we do.

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Welcome to the Dublin Woodturners website

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 Nov - AGM, open comp.

 Dec - Christmas Item

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Nov. Sat. Demo: A.G.M.

Nov. Sat. Comp: Open

Nov. Wed. Demo: Jonathan Wigham

Charlie has it taped!

The October Saturday demo was given by Charlie Ryan who showed us how to make an acorn-shaped tape measure. Fond of turning pieces having multiple parts that need to be assembled, Charlie made a beatiful thing that no sewing basket should be without. There are some great pictures on the Meetings page of the website.




. . see them on

the Competitions Page


Sat : A.G.M.

Wed: Jonathan



Wed: tbc


Sat : Joe             O’Neill

Wed: Joe             O’Neill


Wed: tbc

Tallaght Hospital Toy Project.

The National Children’s Hospital has asked (via Paul Murtagh) for Chapter members to make toys and decorations for use by the young patients in their care. We encourage you to get involved with this very worthwhile project, and a description of the various projects and who to contact can be obtained here.