Here are the winners and entries for the April online competition. Due to the Corona Virus restrictions there was no meeting this month so the competition was again held online.

Brendan Phelan was our guest judge for April. 

Four entries in the Beginner section

Michael Quinn: Nice idea Michael, readymade art in the Eagle, the black inset lines matches the Mahogany well.

John O Neill: Made for his 2 year old granddaughter, this is something that she will always treasure. The Ash legs and Pine seat blend well together. Looks good and sturdy to last the test of time, good finish too.

Michael Cahill: Lovely back drop for your very well shaped Goblet in my favourite wood, Yew. You made the best of sap wood and grain in the design.

Renee Kennedy: My favourite wood yet again, Yew. Nice use of sap wood bark and grain in the design you were right not use any fancy stuff as the nature of the wood did that for you

Winner Renee Kennedy

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Four entries in the Experienced section.

Sean Earls: Sean left his spalted Beech bowl for a week before going back to add the finishing touches. Unfortunately the bowl warped in the meantime. You were lucky Sean you had it so well finished before you came back to it. I really like the rim on the platter. A lovely piece of spalted Beech.

Brendan Kelly: That is a lovely beech Bowl Brendan, not a sign of a tool mark the dark line’s set it off well, quality work.

Patrick Costigan: Lovely vase Patrick, top class form and finish. You have us all wondering the type of wood it is, Beech maybe?

Vinny Whelan: Well shaped Goblet Vinny, nice captive ring and texturing, the knots also add to the design well done.

Winner: Patrick Costigan.

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There were six entries in the Advanced section.

Cecil Barron: Cecil made a beautiful chestnut bowl which he spirit dyed leaving the grain to be seen in all its glory.
Joe O Neill: Joe made a Ships Wheel with a central clock that any boat lover would be thrilled to have it hanging on their wall.
Tony Hartley:. Well done Tony that Silver Birch natural edge bowl turned out lovely. You could also have entered it in the Artistic section.
Sean Ryan: A lot of work in that Cryptex Puzzle Sean. I've never made one my self but I would say it is very tricky, try filling it with Bitcoins.
Paddy Finn: Very seasonal Paddy and very well done. I wonder how would a colour work on them.
Michael Fay: We will have to make a Super League for you Michael. Not a hope of catching you off guard in any of these competitions, amazing work on those pair of matching square Walnut bowl’s.
Winner: Sean Ryan.

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And finally the Artistic section had seven entries

Cecil Barron: Nice shape to that Sycamore Vase Cecil. The spalting is very pronounced which made it hard to show the texturing and the black line is a nice design feature. Well done. 
Brendan Kelly: Quality finish no tool marks, great design, the led light is a nice touch. I think you have a commercial venture on your hands there Brendan.
Tony Hartley: I would say Tony you have the spirit dye finish mastered on that lovely Sycamore Vase, well done Tony.
Sean Ryan: Nice shape to that Bowl Sean, timber looks like chestnut, nice grain and a nice colour on the outside. Well Done.
John Duff: You put a lot of work in to that bowl John. Nice grain, is it Pine? Pedestal gives it a nice lift.  Colouring takes a lot of trial and error but I think you got a very acceptable finish on it .
John O Neill: John was asked to 'do something' with a slate off a Scottish crofters cottage which was of sentimental value to the owner. He can up with this idea.  The wood looks like Ash and the grain is lined up well with the contours of the slate. Well done John.
(p.s. When you get that promised bottle of Whisky give us a call.)

Colum Murphy:  Hi Colum you got the “Form Function Finish “ right the ebonising also looks great and gives a nice mood to the piece. 
Winner Brendan Kelly

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I would like to thank the seventeen members for entering the competition this month it shows that you have a genuine interest in the good of the chapter. The standard of the entries was very high which made it challenging to pick a winner. Brendan Phelan.

Many thanks Brendan on behalf of us all, you did a great job.

Competition Rules are Available Here.

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