Here are the winners and entries for the July online competition. Due to the Corona Virus restrictions there was no meeting this month so the competition was again held online.

Pat Walsh was back again as our guest judge. 

Let’s start with the easiest section, in that there are only two entries. First up is a Maple and Bog Oak box from Michael Quinn. Although the photos provided are not close up, they are good enough to show the attractive shape and excellent finish. The paleness of the Maple is accented perfectly by the darkness of the Bog Oak finial.

The second entry is a selection of Photo Frames in Ash and Mahogany from Renee Kennedy. The smaller ones are 12 cm outside diameter and the larger ones are 20 cm outside diameter. They look well finished, and are attractive as a group of 4, as pairs of the same wood, or, as pairs of one of each wood.

I’m boxing off this section by opting for Michael Quinn’s Maple and Bog Oak box as my choice.

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Three entries in the Experienced section.

Only three entries in this section this month. We have an 8-inch Ash bowl from Brendan Kelly. It is a wide based functional bowl and looks to be very well finished. A wee bit of bark inclusion is left in place to add interest.

Next is a small two-tone vessel from Pat Costigan. It is 3 inches by 5 inches and the two woods are not specified. The lamination joint on this piece looks impeccable as does the finish. It is an attractive shape and has a nice bit of detail at the base.

Finally, we have a Clock in Mahogany with a printed tile clockface by Vinnie Whelan. I normally zoom in on photo to see some of the detail, but for some reason this photo would not zoom. These types of clocks are always popular as the images of vintage cars and tractors can evoke pleasant memories.

My first place in this section goes to Pat Costigan for his small two-tone vessel. Well done Pat.

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There were Seven entries in the Advanced section.

We have 6 members with entries in this section, including 1 member with two entries, for a total of 7 entries. 

First, we have a vase in Laburnum from Brendan Phelan. It looks to be about 6 inches in diameter by about 9 inches high and shows a nice contrast in the colours of Laburnum. As with everything Brendan does the finish is flawless.

Next is a lidded box from Joe O’Neill. I can’t determine the size but the shape and proportions are attractive.

John Duff bowl has an unusual shape and certainly the first picture of it did not do it justice. The second photo shows it off much better. John doesn’t specify the wood but says it was difficult to work and full of cracks.

An unusual entry next from Michael Fay – 10 matching Stair Spindles in Poplar. The photo is impressive showing the spindles lined and every element of them matching perfectly in line. I always admire the skill and patience that goes into this kind of work, it is the kind of work I would run a mile from.

Paddy Finn’s bowl in an unspecified wood, I’d guess Sycamore or plain Beech, is an attractive piece. Given the light tone of the wood and flaw in finishing would stand out like a sore thumb, and this piece has no sore thumbs.

Tommy Hartnett is attempting to throw some light on things with 2 entries of Tealight Holders. First is a pair of Ash Tealight Holders that includes elements of natural edge, that add interest to such small items. Tommy’s second entry is a single Ash Tealight Holder, again with bark inclusion but with a different design that has a protruding holder.

This is a difficult section to decide a preference as there is such variety in the entries. There are several entries that are candidates for first. I have opted to chicken out an decided on a joint preference of Brendan Phelan's Laburnum Vase and Michael Fay's 10 Matching Stair Spindles.

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And finally the Artistic section had five entries

We have 5 entries in the Artistic section. Brendan Kelly presents a small bowl in Bay wood. Brendan says it has several cracks and a hole, so he used red and blue sparkly hot melt glue to fill the voids. This certainly adds interest and it’s a piece I would like to see in the flesh as I suspect the photo does not do it justice.

Next is another competition stalwart – Colum Murphy with a Table Lamp in Monkey Puzzle. It is a lovely piece of wood and the shape shows off the wood at its best. Colum has provided plenty of photos that show great attention to detail, with several elements of texture to add interest.

John Duff’s Clock in stunning Spalted Beech is a real eye catcher. John has cleverly used the figuring in the wood as a landscape and has added a pyrographed tree. In addition, unless it is an illusion in the photos, he has offset the clock within the piece.

Sean Earls entry is a pair of small boxes that are different but somehow are an ideal pair and do in fact match each other – if that makes sense. They are made from Beech. For added interest Sean has included a inset an old Irish coin (from the days of Punts) in each lid.

The final entry from Tommy Hartnett is a Pocket Watch on a Chain. It is made from Ash with inlay of Padauk and black Wavin pipe. The contrast of the colours on the rear between the black pipe, the padauk and the pale ash is striking, as is the front of the piece with the gold watch and the pale Ash.

All that remains is for me to decide on a preference. This section has been the one that has been most difficult to adjudicate. I have hovered back and forth between three pieces, then two and finally forced myself to choose a first (preferred). In this category I have opted for Colum Murphy’s Table Lamp, for overall quality of finish, shape that makes the best of the characteristics of the wood, and, attention to detail with the elements of texture that he included that added interest without dominating the piece.

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Finally . . . 
It is good to see the competition is still getting entries, but I would urge more people to submit entries – make the judges job harder.

The competition is a bit of fun that attempts to keep you engaged with the Chapter and woodturning. It is likely all that we will have for the next few months – the consensus from people I have spoken to is that we’ll be lucky if we are back to meetings early in the new year.

I for one appreciate the efforts of Brendan Kelly in keeping in touch with all of us and trying to keep us all interested. He is putting considerable effort into this initiative so we should all be grateful – well done Brendan.


Competition Rules are Available Here.

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