Here are the winners and entries for the June online competition. Due to the Corona Virus restrictions there was no meeting this month so the competition was again held online.

Mark Daly was back again as our guest judge. 

Its nice to be back in the judging chair this month. I really enjoy taking the time to mull over the various entries across all categories. Well actually, that’s not quite accurate, as this month we don’t have anyone from the beginners cohort. This may be due to the nice weather but could equally our beginners could be protesting that they haven’t had an opportunity to move up a division. Certainly the quality of what we have seen over the last year and a bit, would suggest that many of you would deserve it.

Two entries in the Experienced section.

Starting off this month we have two entries in the experienced section. Vinny Whelan and Brendan Kelly. Standing at just under 4 inches tall Vinny has turned a lovely bud vase. I am not sure what the wood is, could it be chestnut although Vinny may correct me. Nice simple lines show the natural beauty of the wood. Cedar is not the most common variety presented in our competitions, however
Brendan Kelly has presented a lovely platter, which highlights the reddish colouring and wide grain, typical of this wood. What stands out for me is the branch intersection with its dark almost crack like line. A treat for the person who turns this piece upside down.

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There were Seven entries in the Advanced section.

A little bit more competition in the Advanced category. Seven entrants and we will kick off with Joe O’Neill. Joe's two pieces are a great example of a functional project and the ultimate example of the gift that keeps on giving. As we see all the young fledglings exploring our gardens, this bird feeder gives us the choice of admiring the woodturning and the wildlife.

Cecil Barron has entered this fine Cherry bowl. The back-story however is tragic, as the tree has lay for the past 14 years before Cecil recovered its corpse. The story goes that it was killed after a collision with a combined harvester. It is assumed that the tree was stationary at the time. The identity of the driver has been withheld on the advice of my solicitors. As can be expected, after such a long time lying in the field, the wood had become quite rotten. Cecil tells me that along with careful turning it is held together with superglue, prayers and three dowels.

Tony Hartney has turned a very nice bowl. He thinks that it is Lime, it sits at approximately 8 inches and would be a very nice piece on any table or sideboard.

James Nolan has found a smashing piece of Burr Elm and found just the right project for it. A stylish little box, it stands at approx. 3 inches high by 2 inches wide.

Paddy Finn is keeping with the box theme, turning a lovely piece of Cherry. It is safe to say that the lid and the base could be considered self-assembly, however they didn’t come from IKEA, (just the pencil shown for scale).
The last box is by Michael Fay. Turned from Walnut with pewter trims, the shape of this box is wonderful. Some boxes just say “open me” and this is one of them.

Brendan Phelan closes out the Advanced category with a tea light - mushrooms on a log. This piece catches my eye for the textures and layers. It somehow reminds me of the honeycomb chunks, we used to get as children, (how I have any teeth left is beyond me).

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And finally the Artistic section had six entries

In the Artistic category, Cecil Barron is keeping with the theme of tea lights and this time he is lighting a candle in memory of that same piece of Cherry he presented in the advanced section.

Joe O’Neill keeps on rolling with an Oak sphere. This is one project that I have to admit I would find very challenging, however it looks like Joe has achieved the perfect curve.

Brendan Kelly has turned an Urn with lid. This fine piece of Spalted Beech has wonderful patterns and Brendan has done a good job of aligning the lines between base and lid.

Tony Hartney has been turning a range of very nice pendants. Two have brass insert, while one more has dye and brass. The last has Milliput epoxy.

Our last entry for this month is by Colum Murphy. Colum has turned a Walnut Bowl with Textured Rope edging. This is a beautiful piece, where both the wood pattern and roping, create a timeless piece.

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That wraps up the June entries. It looks like the next few weeks may offer some nice weather, however I am hoping that this won’t stop you getting into the workshop and turning some pieces for our next competition. Keep up the great work and stay safe!


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