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Since 03/09/2013.

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The subject for the competition piece is given in advance and judging takes place during the meeting. Judges are selected from attendees at the meeting who do not have a piece entered in the competition. Results are announced during the meeting.

Accumulated results are retained and published in the newsletter. Trophies are presented at the AGM to those with the highest accumulated scores for the year. The winning pieces each month are photographed and published on this site. To view winners past and present, select a year from the panel above.

Monthly Woodturning Competitions

This site contains Winners for the current Year -

For previous years go here.

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See the winners

Jan - Goblet + captive ring(s).

Feb - A Bowl.

Mar - Table Lamp.

Apr - 250 x 60 x 60.

May - Open.

Jun - Lam/Segmented.

Jul - Fruit.

Aug - Clock.

Sep - A Hollow Form.

Oct - 3-legged Stool.

Nov - AGM no comp.

Dec - Christmas Item.

The monthly woodturning competition is held at the main monthly meeting on the first Saturday of each month. See the Meetings page for more details.

The full rules are published on the Competition Rules page.

There are four categories or levels : -