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Saturday Meeting 6th July

Wednesday Meeting 10th July With Paul Murtagh

July Demos 2019

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Our demonstrator today was Pat Walsh

See full description in the August newsletter here.

Paul treated us to two great demos on the day. A winged bowl followed by a chalice both from Ash.

(Photos by Rich Varney and Mike Sims)

See full description of the Wednesday demo in the August newsletter here.

They say that the only thing that flat-earthers have to fear is sphere itself. But, for the July demo we were in safe hands, and Pat Walsh set out to show us how to make a sphere. Using a method from John Malone, the well-known Donegal turner and a few every-day tools, Pat began by mounting a chunk of beech that comprised two pieces glued together. They had been suitably planed flat and glued together with Titebond Original. The 7 x 7 inch block was mounted between Steb-centres by its end grain.