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May Seminar 2019

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May Seninar with Pat Carroll.

See full description in the June newsletter here.

This demonstration was presented by Colum Murphy. Colum talked firstly about sharpening and showed how he sharpens his own tools. He then turned some Ash into a bowl demonstrating different cuts. He showed us how he turn bowls and by coring them beforehand you can use the core to put a foot on the bowl or alternately use a different wood for the foot.

When he had the bowl turned he then demonstrated how cut designs into it using a new tool he had just bought in ALDI. This is a new line of battery powered tools which ALDI have brought out called Ferrex tools and the one battery fits all the tools from Drills to Lawnmowers. The only warning Colum gave was to advise that there are two types of batteries a 20v and a 40 v. the 20v only works on the smaller or less powerful tools where the 40v works on all the tools so only buy the 40v. He used the cordless small angle-grinder with sanding wheels. he showed how to cut curved lines all around the bowl. You can then Burn or ebonise the bowl and highlight the grain. when lacquered with either matt or gloss it really comes to life. Colum showed us several samples of different designs he did on bowls each one giving more ideas to those present.

After lots of questions which Colum fielded without any problem he demonstrated how he turned simple tea lights out of ash for Christmas. Colum stuck to the one design and sprayed them red and with spray glitter lacquer sprayed over the red they made lovely Christmas tea lights. Thanks to Colum for a great afternoon with a lot of questions answered and a lot of knowledge imparted. By the way Colum IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR THE WEDNESDAY DEMONSTRATIONS.

There are no pictures on the Wednesday demo although I’m sure someone took some. If you do take photos of any demo please email them to the editor at

(Photos by Rich Varney)

See full description of the Seminar and Wednesday demo in the June newsletter here.

Today Pat was demonstrating how to turn a hollow form vase and the spraying and stenciling of a design on the vase. He suggested that the way turning is going now it is 20% cutting and 80% decoration of one sort or another. Pat used a piece of sycamore. It had been waxed at both ends: he recommended the Wax Brothers on the Malahide Road for appropriate and reasonably priced wax. He also reckoned you could use a PVA or oil based paint to seal the ends. Pat used a 5 point drive to secure the piece: he used a faceplate with nuts and bolts, sharpened, and a 100mm chuck. This ensured that there would be no movement of the piece while turning. Full description in the June newsletter here.